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Seminar Structure:

2 Day Training
 (16 Classroom hours)

Video Simulated Disasters
 High Profile News
LIVE TV News Camera
LIVE Ambush Interviews
Good and Bad Media Clips
Utilizing the Social Media
Dealing with "Investigative" Reporters
Staying Positive
Coping with Declining Media Ethics
Building a Positive Public Image
Never Having to Say "No Comment"
Body Language Tips

If you are expecting a long lecture and a lot of talk, boy are YOU going to be surprised!

Free DVD Video
of Your On Camera Performances

Ever wonder why you can never seem to attract positive news coverage for an event or subject you've pitched to the media?  Timing is everything.  Plus, the media needs visuals, information and details that you may not consider relevant.  This exclusive training course, taught by working news reporters, will reveal numerous tricks-of-the-trade that will help attract and maintain positive news coverage.  You will learn how to successfully pitch a story idea to the media, and then assist them in developing the story.

This powerful 2-day course is designed for supervisors and executives, from police departments to Fortune 500 Companies.  You will discover how to over-come hostile questioning and turn ANY interview into a powerful and positive experience for you AND the media.

With a series of on-camera exercises and professional critiques, you will see your own progress as you handle "aggressive" news reporters with pointed questions.  You will NEVER say "no comment" or ever be chased by a camera crew if you follow the suggestions outlined by our working news reporters. 



Russell Ruffin's                                                
Media Training Sessions

Media Relations has become one of the single greatest challenges facing Law Enforcement in America. 
With every major news event from the September 11th Terrorist Attacks to the Boston Marathon Bombing, Public Safety Officers are faced with the difficult and added burden  of disseminating timely and critical information to the public.  Whether you are facing the Television news cameras daily or dealing with printed press releases, the public is turning to you now, more than ever.  

Each of our Media Seminars is conducted by Emmy Award Winning  Network Television News Veteran and author, Russell Ruffin, who has covered everything from murder trials to Presidential Campaigns.  Ruffin also organized and produced "Crimewatch" and "CrimeStoppers" for television.  Today he consults with Fortune 500 Companies and Police Departments to maximize integrity, confidence and pride.

This exclusive training course, taught by working news reporters,  will help you not only develop and refine your communications skills, but also leave you with a better understanding of the needs of the media.  If your responsibilities include the management and distribution of information to the public, this course will help you recognize your weak points and build on your strong points.  From body language to choice of words and phrases, you may be sending the wrong message to the media and the public.  During the program we will turn the news cameras on you and ask tough questions to see how well you are prepared.  The videotapes of your performance will then be critiqued.

Watch videotape examples of Good and Bad Media Relations.  Our clips will include TV news sound bites that should NEVER have gotten on the air.  You will be asked to give examples of how you could have handled the situation better.

You will learn how to overcome Ambush Journalist, deal with Tabloid News and to safely disarm"Investigative" Reporters.  You will discover how to become an effective resource or "expert" for the media, elevating you to a prestigious position that will empower you to not only pitch your own stories but routinely present yourself in a more credible position.

This program will also help you deal more effectively with the dissemination of "sensitive" and timely facts when both the public and the media have an interest in the information.

The program is conducted by Emmy Award Winning working news reporters.

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